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With over 35 years of experience, Behouse is specialised in development of fabric-based products for all living essentials and decorations.  By understanding needs of customers and end users, we are entrusted by many hospitality brands and interior firms both domestically and internationally.

As a creative solution provider, Behouse is fully equipped with tools and resources to actively support customers
since the early stage of development. Starting from the raw material selection process,  consulting and prototyping with experienced teams,
and high-standard manufacturing process.  Behouse factory, comprised of more than 100 efficient team members, is mastered in bedding
and soft-furnishing products such as curtains and decorative cushions. We also take care of shipping, exporting and curtain installing products
both domestically and internationally to deliver a delightful experience to our value customers around the world.


Cotton fabric is made of pure natural fibers. The fibers of cotton are transformed into yarn and then woven or knitted into fabrics. The tighter the cotton fibers are woven, the stronger the fabric will be. If the cotton fibers used come from a good breed with long fibers, the texture of the fabric will be smooth and durable.

Many of you have had the feeling of changing many pillows when you cannot sleep well at home. But instead, you sleep so well in the hotel rooms so that you grab the pillow and ask the hotel what kind of pillow it is.

There are many types of curtains and blinds such as s-fold curtains, pleat curtains, roman blinds and eyelet design curtains. Fabrics are main components of curtains which vary from dim-out, black-out and sheers. In addition to curtain types and fabrics, the hotels pay more attention to the details of the design, the fabric texture, pattern, curtains style and sewing is made on the basis of the hotel style and function as well as the satisfaction of the hotel guests.

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