The softness, the firmness, and the height of pillow should be various and ergonomic. To satisfy the customers’ needs, we offer attractive options and diverse qualities of the fibers such as synthetic fiber, or natural fibers including goose and duck downs. Our pillows are designed to respond to the customers’ desire; each personalizable pillow can range between 800 and 1,500 grams.

We can also add anti-bacteria and anti-virus technology and innovation to satisfy the customer’s needs.



The mattress and pillow protectors are used to prevent the undesirable dirt. Our products are waterproof, resistant, and long-lasting.



Our duvets are made of diverse fibers to satisfy each of our customers as well as to be resistant in every weather condition. The fibers, such as synthetic and natural fibers including goose or duck downs, are 150-200 grams per m2 for comfortable and warm sleep all night long.



For another level of happy and comfortable sleep, we introduce the topper made of synthetic fiber or natural fibers including goose
or duck downs with 1,500-2,500 grams per m² of weight.

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