Why is cotton fabric the most popular among hotel bedding?


Why is cotton fabric the most popular among hotel bedding?

Why is cotton fabric the most popular among hotel bedding?

Cotton fabric is made of pure natural fibers. The fibers of cotton are transformed into yarn and then woven or knitted into fabrics. The tighter the cotton fibers are woven, the stronger the fabric will be. If the cotton fibers used come from a good breed with long fibers, the texture of the fabric will be smooth and durable.

Due to the unique properties of cotton, it has a soft texture that does not irritate of the skin. It is well breathable and heat-resistant, easy to maintain, resistant to wash, and can be used for a long time. That is why the cotton can be the base for making clothes, bags, towels, bed linen, and many other products.

Behouse has developed a range of hotel bedding products made of genuine 100% cotton. We pay attention to the process of selecting cotton fibers by choosing a good cotton breed with long smooth fibers and using satin weaving that keeps the fabric smooth and slippery, along with weaving 500 extra-tight fibers per 10 square centimeters. That is the reason why our products of hotel bedding are soft, smooth, lint-free, and long-lasting.

The bedding sets on the market offer a wide selection of fibers including cotton fibers, polyester fibers, or other types of synthetic fibers. However, with the qualities of the above-mentioned cotton fibers, it is not surprising that the 100% genuine cotton bedding always remains popular.

Behouse hotel bedding is available in striped and non-patterned design. There are also a number of options of colors to choose: peach, plum, smoak, vanilla and walnut in all sizes of mattresses: 3.5, 5, 6 and 6.5 feet. Please visit the shopping page to select your favorite product.

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