In search of the most comfortable pillow


In search of the most comfortable pillow


In search of the most comfortable pillow

Many of you have had the feeling of changing many pillows when you cannot sleep well at home. But instead, you sleep so well in the hotel rooms so that you grab the pillow and ask the hotel what kind of pillow it is.

Behouse has the expertise in the production of pillows for 5-star hotels all over the world. Many guests contact us to get the same pillows used in the hotels them stayed in. So, let us understand the different types of pillows that are divided into two main categories.

  • Down pillow: goose or duck downs  
  • Non-down pillow: synthetic, foam and rubber pillows

It also makes a difference with the softness level, typically divided into three levels: Soft (very soft), Medium (medium soft) and Firm (tight). According to general standards, Hotels usually provides pillows of different types and softness levels on the mattress, so that guests can choose to relax the way they desire. In some places, a variety of pillow types are available for guests to experience and choose during the check-in process. In general, hotels often opt for down pillows because they are soft, bouncy, and very ergonomic with soft-and-medium or soft-and-firm options.

As a result, if you are looking for a pillow that will help you sleep well all night long, Behouse recommends testing your sleep at Behouse Gallery to discover the pillows that are best suited to your body. Behouse is at your disposable to provide you a pleasant and peaceful sleep experience.

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