“Cavalière Collection”

Where equestrian equipment and accessories are not only durable, but they must always look beautiful, elaborate and luxurious following the taste of the upper-class equestrian. Of course, The inspiration of this collection and the equestrian which is called “Cavalière” in French. The herringbone patterned cotton fabric is used in natural color tone representing natural beauty with a combination of gold metallic accessories together with imitation leather. For meticulous stiches details. The embroidery iconic horseshoes represent the symbol of good fortune as protection from bad luck. 


“ LINE & TIES Collection”

This collection is inspired by the desire of exposing to the nature and the sea. We can see many elements referring to the sea in the design by the patch working and pressing techniques to shade the colors of the sea. Turquoise, light green, and off-white colors are applied to represent the sea. Also roping features evoking the sea such fishnet or boat rope that are a part of local wisdom. Linen fabric is used in this collection due to its unique inherent texture and characteristics, Wrinkle of linen fabric also represents the sea wave with the final meaning of “natural”




The secret of forbidden forest

“The secret of forbidden forest” is inspired by the mystery of the treasure in the forbidden forest, and the unreachable luxuriant nature with its appealing charm. Dark colors are used to depict the mysterious jungle. The materials evoking wild animals leather such as snake or crocodile leathers are combined with golden geometric-shape structure that arouse the strength, the confidence, and the elegance as the treasure hidden in the forbidden forest.

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